The biggest error that a company can make is to start communicating without first thinking about the strategy of the brand. Jenny has developed her own brand and business development workshops, allowing companies to gain a clearer insight into the workings of the organisation and its customers before launching into branding and communications. Workshops are tailored to each client’s specific needs and cover five distinct areas.

The Five Cs

The strategy developed will feed into branding and customer experience, as shown in the chart.

“Jenny has a great understanding of Beyond’s customers and the journey that they take.

This combined with her approach to get work done in a timely fashion makes her a real asset”

Rory Finegan, founder Beyond Accounting

“Jenny overhauled the work we were doing in Musgrave with her contribution

to the branding work done on the Centra brand.  She is a real professional.”

Anne Dunphy, former Marketing Director Musgrave

We have become famous for our new brand Dorian Black.

Jenny helped us to develop and bring this concept to market”

Cathy Coghlan owner of Dorian Black, men’s suits retail and online outlets

“Jenny implemented a marketing programme into our stores and brand

that made a real difference to our strategy and in store operations”

Paul Fitzgerald, Owner Pelco Retail Outlets