Jenny Thornton, founder and Director

Jenny holds a first class honours degree in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Georgia, as well as a diploma in Digital Marketing and Web Technology. After graduating from UGA, Jenny started her marketing career as Marketing Assistant for Roma Foods. From there she moved to market leader Yoplait, where she created, developed and implemented their brand strategies – quickly gaining recognition from her peers for her passion and flair.

During the 90s, Jenny was hired as Marketing Manager for iconic Irish brand, Tayto. It was a tough period in the industry, and Jenny led the team that helped to recover Tayto’s market share – spearheading its recovery by rebranding, revitalising and repositioning the brand. She became heavily involved in trade marketing - negotiating LTAs with supermarkets and setting up Tayto’s first category management department.

After her huge success at Tayto, Jenny moved to Musgrave’s as Head of Marketing for Centra, discovering an innate talent for retail marketing. She transformed the Centra brand, turning it into the leading convenience brand in Ireland. Jenny has subsequently worked with brands such as EBS, Buy and Sell, and Bord na Móna/Anua.

Jenny has been trusted by some of Ireland’s most well-known brands to deliver innovative and effective marketing strategies. Her experience is second to none, and she is skilled in a number of different disciplines and industry sectors.

“Bringing a brand to life – giving it shape and purpose – is what drives me. No matter the budget, the challenge is to find what makes a brand unique and get people talking about it.”

Jenny draws on her rich life experiences to inform her thinking and inspiration. She in fact started her career as a tennis pro, having won a scholarship in the USA at the age of 15. Jenny was the number 1 ranked player in Ireland, representing the country at senior level many times and becoming one of the first Irish women to gain a world ranking. She had qualified for the Olympics and the Australian Open when a back injury forced her to retire from the game.

Jenny is also a successful artist and runs an ecommerce business selling original pop art creations – including clothing and print productions – largely created using her favourite medium, chalk pastels. Jenny especially enjoys the way her artistic creativity feeds into her marketing roles, and vice versa.  

Over the Line Marketing works regularly with brands such as Spar, SuperValu, Dorian Black, and Beyond Accounting.

“Jenny has a great understanding of Beyond’s customers and the journey that they take.

This combined with her approach to get work done in a timely fashion makes her a real asset”

Rory Finegan, founder Beyond Accounting

“Jenny overhauled the work we were doing in Musgrave with her contribution

to the branding work done on the Centra brand.  She is a real professional.”

Anne Dunphy, former Marketing Director Musgrave

We have become famous for our new brand Dorian Black.

Jenny helped us to develop and bring this concept to market”

Cathy Coghlan owner of Dorian Black, men’s suits retail and online outlets

“Jenny implemented a marketing programme into our stores and brand

that made a real difference to our strategy and in store operations”

Paul Fitzgerald, Owner Pelco Retail Outlets